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Our Services

A beautiful smile is infectious. Let us give you the gift of life as this will improve your self-image. Crooked teeth may lead to the development of tooth decay, tooth wear, gum disease, bone destruction, chewing and digestive difficulties and speech impairment.

Listed below is some of the orthodontic interventions that can be offered for both children and adults.

Orthodontics for children may include:

  • Managing space for un-erupted permanent teeth to prevent or lessen the extent of future crowding
  • Breaking habits (e.g. thumb sucking habit)
  • Correcting cross bites
  • Functional treatment

Orthodontics for adults may include:

This maybe a comprehensive treatment which may or may not include other dental specialists. Adult patients more often than not present with other dental challenges besides crowded teeth e.g. missing teeth and bone loss. As adults are more conscious about how they look, we have a range of braces that will meet their needs i.e. ceramic brackets and clear aligners.

  • Orthodontics can prepare the adult patient to receive false teeth which may include implants.
  • Surgical correction of skeletal jaw alignment